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Parking in St. Augustine can be quite a chore. We’re here to help you through the maze and hopefully get you parked in an area that will be great for your visit here.
The first thing that you’ll want to do is check our Festivals and Events page to find out if there is a festival or event going on when you are visiting. If there is, then parking will be even more at a premium. During these times the City of St. Augustine will have FREE shuttles that run from outlying parking areas.

Click here for more information from the City of St. Augustine.

Handicap Parking in all City-Owned Lots is free all of the time. Private lots do charge and many of them are 24/7. Please read all parking meters to know if they are Private or City-Owned. All City-Owned Lots will display this sign prominently.

The easiest parking would be at the City Parking Garage located at 1 Cordova Street. This is a flat fee for the day and centrally located.

You will also find street parking and lots with metered parking or pay stations that are owned by the city located throughout the town. Look for the ParkStAug logo above for those areas. The ParkStAug app is an easy way to keep up with your parking and not have to run back to your car. Click the logo or here for more information.

We also have private lots located throughout the city that will charge hourly and some charge for the day. You’ll see them when you drive around town. Do not park on the side streets in the residential areas. You will be towed from these areas.
The city has put together some great information as well as a list of

Parking FAQs


Tips for parking

in St. Augustine. It’s always good to be prepared before you arrive.

Old Town Trolleys and Ripley’s Red Trains do have free parking at select lots if you are getting a ticket with them. Please check their websites for more information. St. Augustine is a very walkable city so the trolleys and trains are not a must.