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  • AT2425 Avatar
    5 star rating
    11/03/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Kyle Gives an Excellent Tour! Kyle was out favorite part of the tour. My two teenagers were enthralled from beginning to the end. Kyle was extremely witty and truthful in his descriptions and stories. My husband and I throughly enjoyed ourselves because we learned so much in a short time! We're a tough crowd and not easily impressed being a former graduate professor and another, a lawyer. If you are blessed to be guided by Kyle, you'll be sure to be grateful. You can tell Kyle loves his job and is intuitive to his crowd. Also, he stayed late to change his schedule to accommodate our last minute change to a same day night tour. We sooo enjoyed our time with Kyle! Be sure to tip well. A fantastic tour guide is hard to find!

    KarenC3674 Avatar
    5 star rating
    5/30/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Highly recommend this tour—well worth the $ and time!! This tour was great—the perfect length and the perfect historical overview of the city. The guide was really knowledgeable and had entertaining, relevant information. We preferred the walking tour to one of the trolley tours because we got to get into the Colonial Village and could spend a little more time in front of the sites instead a quick drive by.

    Pfarley94 Avatar
    5 star rating
    11/15/2019 - TripAdvisor

    A Great Experience! My girlfriend and I are both huge fans of spooky spirits and the kind you drink so we jumped at the chance for this reasonably priced tour when looking for things to do in St Augustine. We shared the tour with four other people and had an absolutely wonderful time. The tour guide was easy to talk to and full of information. Every question I had for him was answered with specific dates and details. The man is a walking history book on city and really has a passion for what he does! There never was a moment of awkward silence as he kept us all entertained with jokes and spooky history. The tour was not too long and not too short and by the end we were full of beer and ghost stories! At the final bar he purchased a last round for us and we found ourselves taking with the other people who were in our tour group for about an hour. For the price and the fun I had it was totally worth it!

    Cherry Thomas M Avatar
    Cherry Thomas M
    5 star rating
    7/23/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Spirits with Spirits. We had a great, fun interesting tour. Kyle is a very good story teller and he is very knowledgeable about St Augustine history and ghosts. We enjoyed the pubs we visited. Kyle was open with people we met along the way. I would recommend the tour for adults who enjoy a good drink and listening to story tellers.

  • Escape29762008518
    4 star rating
    7/02/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Walking Tour All in all it was a very informative trip. It was a lot of information for a reasonable price. Our tour guide Peter was friendly and knowledgeable about the area.

    Aimee R. Avatar
    Aimee R.
    11/02/2019 - Facebook

    My friends and I did the food tour today. It was awesome! Our guide was amazing and super fun. The food at the places we stopped at was incredible!! I can’t wait to do it again. I’ve been to St. Augustine plenty of times this was by far the best time I’ve ever had!!

    fiveharrisons Avatar
    5 star rating
    6/24/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Great tour experience! It was a wonderful tour. Our guide, Kyle, was funny and informative. He kept the tour moving and we covered a lot of ground. It was well worth it!!!

    Jordan S Avatar
    Jordan S
    5 star rating
    8/04/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Historic Pub Crawl Amelia was fantastic! Her great sense of humor, knowledge of all Saint Augustine history and drink recommendations really made it a great tour. It ended up only being myself & husband signed for the venture that evening so we made the most of it, asking lots of questions about each pub we visited & the haunting history about places in Saint Augustine. She took us to some great pubs with a bit of haunted history. The all inclusive purchase was well worth it, we received one full size drink at each pub we visited. The walking portion gave us an opportunity to burn off some of what we were consuming (haha) but also ask more questions about landmarks, great places to go, etc. Def Recommend!

  • Deanna G. Avatar
    Deanna G.
    6/18/2018 - Facebook

    Knowledgeable guide (Mia), savory food, lots of wine!
    Mia patiently guided our party of 11 through the tour with lots of historical facts throughout. We tasted savory food, tried lots of different wines, and very much enjoyed walking the streets while learning very interesting facts about St Augustine's rich history. Did I mention savory food...it was all delicious!! Thank you, Mia for being such a pleasant hostess on our tour!

    5 star rating
    6/08/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Awesome tour! Awesome tour!! Learned a lot and was great for getting orientated around the city. Our tour guide also pointed out some must see spots and museums that we later returned to after. I would highly recommend taking this tour!

    Mary L. Avatar
    Mary L.
    8/16/2016 - Facebook

    Had a blast with Mia! Very knowledgable and fun to talk with! This was the highlight of our trip for sure 🙂

    Tiffany G Avatar
    Tiffany G
    5 star rating
    12/31/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Wonderful evening with great stories! Our guide, Kyle, was amazing! Not only did we get to get to learn the haunted history of the pubs we visited, but he also shared lots of stories about St. Augustine as well. He was incredibly knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor, which always makes for a great tour. We went to several pubs that my husband and I really liked that we probably wouldn’t have visited otherwise. Our group did experience some paranormal activity in one of the bars, which I was not expecting. Overall, it was an exciting, informative, and truly fun evening!

  • Barry D. Avatar
    Barry D.
    5/19/2014 - Facebook

    Me likey! The hunt was fun for all!

    5 star rating
    6/21/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Great tour Kyle gave us a great tour. Very informative. Helps to get you familiar with the area so that you know where you would like to go during your visit. Highly recommend.

    Art M
    5 star rating
    9/01/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Great Experience Our tour guy - Kyle - was very knowledgeable and very personable. Very fun and interesting event

    Michelle S. Avatar
    Michelle S.
    7/09/2016 - Facebook

    St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours took us on an exceptional tour of beautiful St. Augustine. What a fun way to learn about the city! Highly recommend.

  • 351wesw Avatar
    5 star rating
    3/04/2020 - TripAdvisor

    excellent walking tour Very well planned and executed walking tour. Excellent guide that was knowledgable about all things St Augustine.

    Jason and Betsy Lancy Avatar
    Jason and Betsy Lancy
    2/23/2019 - Google

    Began as strangers, left as friends! Lynn was a fantastic host and guide. We had a small group of only two couples, and she made us feel welcome right away. There was an interesting mix of ghost stories with historical snippets of St. A that kept things light and fun. She loved it when we asked questions and was genuinely interested in who we were and about our lives. We had done a food tour with a different company before, and were happy to revisit a few favorites from the last trip with new offerings this time. We left full, happy, and feeling like we made new friends. Highly recommend! Thank you, Lynn, for helping us make more special memories. ❤️

    Ernest Stevens Avatar
    Ernest Stevens
    8/23/2019 - Google

    Great tour, great host, good variety

    TDD94 Avatar
    4 star rating
    2/18/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Spirits with the Spits Pub Craw was fun! We had a fun time walking around the city with a fu tour guide Kyle who told us lots of ghoslty tales

  • Paige t
    5 star rating
    9/01/2021 - TripAdvisor

    St Augustine Our guide was informative and had a great onsite to restaurants and things to do. Was on time professional and accom

    phelpsusa Avatar
    5 star rating
    12/22/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Great tour, great sites, great history, great guide, great explanations Great tour, great sites, great history, great guide, great explanations. Joshua did a outstanding job!

    Robert B Avatar
    Robert B
    5 star rating
    3/21/2021 - TripAdvisor

    A Must Do while in St Augustine! Kyle was a fabulous host! He was articulate, easy to hear and understand. His knowledge of St Augustine was extensive and his love for St Augustine was very evident. The time flew by and we soaked up as much as possible. This is an excellent tour and well worth the very minor expense. Thanks Kyle!

    Gayle S Avatar
    Gayle S
    5 star rating
    12/03/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Beautiful Walk through the History of St Augustine One of the best walking tours I did in St Augustine. I read up on St Augustine before coming here but nothing beats a tour of stories from a good story teller. I highly recommend this tour. Kid and pet friendly if that pertains to you.
    The walk wasn’t strenuous so I consider it good for all ages. You will walk the streets of St Augustine as well as view inside a few buildings. The tour parted ways at the Lightner Museum so I used this opportunity to scratch that off the to-do off the list.

  • saranunn Avatar
    5 star rating
    2/09/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Great way to Learn About St Augustine! We enjoyed our tour with Kyle while visiting St Augustine. He was very knowledgeable, enlightening... and humorous! Highly recommend the walking tour to get a thorough overview of this historic city.

    Marcel M
    5 star rating
    12/21/2020 - TripAdvisor

    WOW Great guide, very knowledgeable, very rich history, lots of places to see and remember. You have to be good on your feet and walking distance, since it is a 90 minutes walking tour. Explore the rich Spanish culture, than British adagio, followed by Spanish again, than American heritage. Absolutely amazing for someone who loves to see, learn and explore our history.

    sgtchaney Avatar
    5 star rating
    1/22/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Fun evening Took my son and his wife on the Night of Lights Historic Tour Pub Crawl. Amelia was our guide / host. She was very friendly and outgoing. We hit four pubs that evening with a great selection of beers. Amelia was very knowledgeable about each pub and the areas that we were in. Every pub had its own story and it was interesting to hear. We covered a large area of downtown starting at the north end and ending up on the south end.

    The Crawl lasted a little over two hours which gave us plenty of time to still get dinner when we were finished. Fun way to spend the evening.

    5 star rating
    6/24/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Great tour experience! It was a wonderful tour. Our guide, Kyle, was funny and informative. He kept the tour moving and we covered a lot of ground. It was well worth it!!!

  • smbolson Avatar
    5 star rating
    1/07/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Excellent tour, excellent guide. We thoroughly enjoyed our walking tour of St. Augustine. Our guide provided lots of interesting history about the city. We have come to enjoy walking tours as an excellent way to see a city -- maybe cover a smaller area, but get a lot of good information.

    Keithbfine Avatar
    5 star rating
    1/19/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Great Tour Our tour guide Josh did a great job from beginning to end. We highly recommend to anyone looking to explore St. Augustine.

    kathypZ113LY Avatar
    5 star rating
    4/13/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Kyle was an amazing tour guide! His voice projected well. Interacted wonderfully with the crowd while making the information fun Kyle was an amazing tour guide & we could hear him loud and clear. His quick wit & interaction made this tour memorable. Perfect field trip.

    Samantha H. Avatar
    Samantha H.
    7/16/2017 - Facebook

    Lynn is truly a fantastic tour guide. My boyfriend and I did the food tour with her and she is very knowledgeable about the city and just a delight to be around. The food itself was also very good. We enjoyed all the stops! Highly recommend.

  • Michael T. Avatar
    Michael T.
    5/16/2015 - Facebook

    Had the greatest time. Can't wait to do it again!!!

    Deb C Avatar
    Deb C
    5 star rating
    1/28/2019 - TripAdvisor

    One of the best food tours we have taken! When we travel we usually try to schedule a Food/History Tour when available. We have had the good fortune of participating in numerous tours in the last few years and this tour, along with our guide, Lynn, rates at the top!!!
    The food was great and our guide was very knowledgeable about the history and made it very enjoyable!
    I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with this tour.

    emilysM8005UZ Avatar
    5 star rating
    1/12/2020 - TripAdvisor

    Great time Me and my friends had so much fun! Kyle was hilarious and we enjoyed the bars he took us to. The ghost meter made it very entertaining and interactive as well!

    daisyxhat Avatar
    5 star rating
    9/14/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Very educational and fun! Amelia was/is an amazing tour guide. She’s so personable, knowledgeable and very conversational. She was helpful on giving us interesting history of the town as well as the state along with helping us get they lay of the land. Just perfect!!

  • Suzi D. Avatar
    Suzi D.
    12/22/2015 - Facebook

    My boyfriend and I participated in the beer experience and the food tour over the weekend. Mia was so much fun to have as our tour guide on our beer experience. She was very proficient in her beer knowledge and local history. Lynn was just as amazing! She was our food tour guide. Her knowledge about the local history was incredible! This company is great and I would definitely recommend to anyone who visits, be it a first time visit or a patron of multiple visits, you will most definitely take with you some new found knowledge about the city, local food and/or brews. Two thumbs way up! Can't wait to visit again!

    marybC879IK Avatar
    5 star rating
    12/28/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Walking tour Our family enjoyed the tour of St.Augustine. We learned a lot of interesting historical facts and got many ideas for things to do. We are looking forward to returning to check off more from our list.

    Theresa R Avatar
    Theresa R
    5 star rating
    6/28/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Historic Pub Crawl Thank you, Amelia, for making our tour such a wonderful experience! We had a fantastic time hearing about the history of each building and the history of St Augustine. It was also wonderful sharing life stories and chatting about favorite movies, while enjoying delicious beer, wine or sangria at each stop. You have definitely found your calling as a tour guide!

    ClaudiaK27 Avatar
    5 star rating
    4/23/2019 - TripAdvisor

    Great walking tour! We had a wonderful time on this tour. We went at a leisurely pace, which was perfect for my 80-year-old father in law. Our guide Amelia was very knowledgeable about local history and lore, so we learned a lot. It really helped us make the most of our visit to St. Augustine. Highly recommend.